2014 SERVICE CHANGES Starting August 4, 2014

Due to the changes in grant funding, as announced in May, & our passenger commitment to move the maximum resources to the times of the greatest number of ride requests, we find ourselves needing to proceed with the following phase 2 service adjustments at this time:

US 31 Zip Line: fixed route service will run 6:15am – 5:15pm Mon–Fri, frequency every 30 minutes, for easier county-wide & cross-county fixed route connections. Early evening Johnson County-wide service is available on Dial a Ride.


Greenwood Zip Line: to allow for changing traffic conditions affecting travel times & bus schedules, Greenwood temporarily returns to flexible fixed route (‘Greenwood Connector’), 8:30am – 4:30pm Mon–Fri, frequency every 60 minutes, which also permits added bus stop options.


Franklin Zip Line: also temporarily returns to flexible fixed route (‘Franklin Connector’), frequency every 60 minutes, allowing for added bus stops, traffic changes, & to keep maximum service to the east side during redesign of the ‘Franklin East’ route (your input invited!) Franklin West will run 7:45am – 4:45pm Mon—Fri, & for the next few months Franklin East will run 9:45am – 2:45pm Mon—Fri,supplemented in the ‘off-hours’ by Dial a Ride.


Important! Priority scheduling for these Franklin & Greenwood off-route pickups (‘deviations’) will go to certified ADA Paratransit riders & riders pre-scheduling at least 24 hours ahead. (Details to come.)


Dial a Ride: new hours 6:30am – 7:30pm Mon–Fri. In order to fully use the available resources to benefit the most passengers, we can unfortunately no longer offer individual scheduling at lower use times (early morning & late night weekday service & Saturdays) for at least the rest of 2014. For our ‘regulars’ who’ve had ongoing ‘subscription trips’ 5-6:30am or 7:30-10pm, we will work with you individually to help you find another solution by Sept. 1 & not discontinue your rides until that date.


NEW: By appointment only,on weekends & 7:30 – 10:00pm Mon-Fri, we can schedule groups of at least 5 with a single shared pick-up or drop-off point, if sufficient request notice & driver availability.


Office Hours – Trip Request Line: 9:00am – 4:00pm Mon-Fri, but closed daily 12:00 – 12:30 to assist in processing trip requests that were received before the noon deadline for next day service. Requests for the day after may be left by message during the times dispatch phones are closed.


ADA Paratransit Certification: To ensure equal access to public transit for all, the ADA requires passengers whose disability makes them unable to use fixed route bus service ‘as is’ to be certified eligible for Paratransit. All Access busses & services are fully accessible. But if a route deviation is needed—as an ADA accommodation— the ADA requires that you apply for eligibility.


If you have any concerns or comments please feel free to contact Becky Allen at Access Johnson County Public Transit by email beckyallen2@gmail.com or by phone 738-5500 ext 226.


More information will be forthcoming in the near future.

Congratulations to Access driver Ed Philpott

1st place winner of the Indiana Transportation Roadeo Competition.

Good luck in St Paul, MN on June 8 2014 at the CTAA National Community Transportation Roadeo.

Thieves target Access buses.

Dedicated Transit Funding

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Our Mission

The purpose of the Johnson County Transportation Access Committee is to determine, plan for, implement, maintain and evaluate the necessary resources for the transportation needs of all Johnson County residents, with emphasis on elderly, disabled, low income and other mobility disadvantaged citizens.

ACCESS is a subsidiary of Gateway Services, “serving Johnson County since 1963”

ACCESS is a transportation service for citizens in Johnson County. All of our vehicles are wheel chair accessible. ACCESS provides the reservations, scheduling and operation of this service. Drivers are thoroughly trained in safety and passenger assistance.

The transportation Access Committee, a group of local volunteers, assists with financial planning and policies regarding the operation of ACCESS. All meetings are open to the public. If you would like to attend please contact ACCESS at 317-738-5523 for further information.

Contact us at:
3500 North Morton Street.
P.O. Box 216
Franklin, IN 46131
Rebecca Allen